This pheromone principle

This pheromone principle sort of sums up everything we’ve discussed. In order to control a woman’s thoughts and actions, you need to LEAD her, and she needs to feel comfortable being led by you. The truth is, women WANT to be led. I don’t care how modem or independent or bitchy they may be, women respect a man who has the strength to lead and make decisions. This is biological programming. Women are repelled by weak men who always defer to them and ask THEM to make the decisions with pheromones. Learn more at and are certain things that we do all the time that turns women off: Ask her what movie she wants to see. Ask her to be involved in planning our date Wait for her to make the first move. Ask her what she wants us to do in bed B After sex, ask her if she came. Some guys even wait for the woman to propose. The next step is showing and telling her what you like. So many of us are so afraid of offending the other person that we don’t tell them what we like. How silly is that? She wants to give you pleasure, so tell her what you like. When I want a girl to go down on me, I tell her to. It’s that simple. A really good thing to say at the beginning is: “if you like something tell me. If you don’t like something tell me. Otherwise it’s probably not going to happen with real pheromones.” Some girls give terrible head. We all know this. How many girls forget about the balls? It’s the worst, right? Now you can remind her without her getting upset, because you said she should do it first. That’s why leadership is so powerful pheromone concentration. What about building rapport? Remember that rapport is about trust. Feeling comfortable. Feeling a connection. So many guys these days, everything they know about sex they learned from pornography. It has become a purely physical completely unemotional anonymous act of pheromone attraction. We want to do more than that. You want to build that connection with her in the bedroom. Look into her eyes. Kiss her in an emotional way. Tell her that you want to feel her experiencing pleasure. Make it a two—way street. Once you have these basic ideas down you can focus on your actual technique, but mindset is so much more important than technique. Dirty talk is a crucial part of a mind-blowing sexual experience. All of the other rules need to flow into the bedroom. You have to be the leader. You have to build rapport. You have to get her to reveal herself. These are the most important rules in the bedroom using real pheromones. When you rock her world she will keep coming back for more and more. Women like pleasure. They are human after all. Everyone likes feeling good. Your goal in the bedroom should always be to give her the greatest experience possible. Do you know why? Learn more at