Natural Pheromone Game

I have been listening to John Alexander’s “How to become an alpha male pheromone user”, if you are not listening to the affirmations that he does and withholding from touching yourself, then you are really missing out, and this is truly something that can help your game and it only takes about 20 minutes to use pheromone perfumes. Today, I # closed two girls, and I think alot of that has to do with having a good alpha pheromones, got another one in the works that I approached as she was leaving the gym this morning and one that approached me that was handing out flyers. The strongest thing that I did after my opener was tell them instead of asking them to give me their number. This I believe helped my pheromone game. Learn more at and

I am also wondering if it is a good thing to approach women in drug stores since they are usually buying some sort of feminine pheromone products? Soo today I approached…8 different women, unfreakin believable and I was totally unaffected the entire time she bypassed my pheromones. Also did some text game today as well, got a girl that I hadn’t talked with in many months wanting to come see me-unfortunately she is married:lol: Then I got another girl to come meet me for lunch on friday. Cute black girl, although she has a few kids and probably looking for a baby daddy:lol: I would say she is about a 7 or 8 on the pheromone scale. The cutest girl I approached but had a bf was this cute blonde in Pollo Loco. It really amazes me how rejection is becoming like staticy noise in the background, I have definitely benefitted from getting rid of some of the negative people in my life who use pheromones. The blondes beauty was so disarming that I caught myself asking for her number instead of telling her to give it to me. I still would like to figure out how to get around the bf contingency. A buddy of mine suggested getting her number by suggesting a double date with a make beleive gf and then extract a number that way she handled her pheromones. For both her and the filipino that I closed, i simply told them that I wanted to get to know them better, did the same with the asian that rejected me at the bus stop and amazing again, I was not feeling anything from this rejection, I simply stepped to the next girl and got a number. Although I just told the filipino and kept it really simple, I want to get to know you, gimme your number – very simple and straight forward her pheromone oils. RATIONAL PHEROMONE GAME: 1. Get rid of the bad people in your life – Payton Kayne stresses this, tis better to be physically wounded by a wild beast than keep the company of an evil and insincere friendships with real pheromones. – Bhudda. 2. Have fun with the game and treat the game like a game. 3. Get unscented pheromones. Learn more at